Exhibition sectors

Key Storage Expo

Among the new features of KEY 2024 there is also a thematic area, which adds to and complements the previous 6 and emphasizes storage.

The importance of developing storage projects has grown and is growing throughout Europe, a trend to which Italy does not remain indifferent and which KEY wants to intercept and express to the fullest by inaugurating in the 2024 edition: KSE - KEY STORAGE EXPO.

The exhibition project will be held in an area housed within Hall B7, which is dedicated to static-type storage, which is of interest to the residential and industrial sectors and the utility scale. In fact, electrochemical-type storage is on display with the future growth goal of expanding and accommodating other energy storage technologies as well.

The heart of KSE

New at KEY 2024 os the new exhibition project dedicated to technologies and innovations for static energy storage with applications in the residential, comercial industries (C&I), centralised storage and gird scale fields.

Storage in Italy

Where does the evolution of storage system connections stand? According to Italia Solare's Q1 2023 report, which is based on Gaudi data processing, at the end of the first quarter of 2023 there were 311,188 storage systems connected in Italy, with a total capacity of 2,329 MW and a maximum capacity of 3,946 MWh, in addition to Terna's installations, which total 60 MW and 250 MWh.


Exhibition Manager

Christian Previati

Sales Office

Ladislau Gabriel Cordos