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To meet the ecological transition challenge and guide their strategies towards innovative and sustainable development, both public and private sector companies are increasingly in search of new professional figures who are highly specialised in sustainability and the circular economy and equipped with what are known as green skills. The School for Advanced Training in Ecological Transition (SAFTE), directed by Alma Mater Studiorum University of Bologna and promoted by Italian Exhibition Group/Ecomondo and ReteAmbiente, was created to respond to this growing market demand by spreading the culture of sustainability at managerial level. The third edition of the School was presented today at Rimini Expo Centre during KEY 2024 by Fabrizio Passarini, Scientific Director of SAFTE and Professor at Bologna University, Gianni Silvestrini, President of KEY´s Scientific Committee and Scientific Director of Kyoto Club, Fabio Fava, President of Ecomondo´s Scientific Committee and Professor at Bologna University, Chiara Morbidini, CONAI Communication and Training, Federico Fusari, General Manager of RICREA, and Fulvia Bacchi, UNIC General Manager. Ten weeks of online training with a programme organised into 4 different teaching units for a total of 100 hours of training activities. The third edition of SAFTE will take place from 15th March to 24th May 2024.

Yesterday, KEY 2024 saw the presentation of CIRO (Climate Indicators for Italian RegiOns). CIRO is the new database by Italy for Climate - the Sustainable Development Foundation´s study centre - developed in collaboration with Ispra, which collects and analyses, through 26 indicators divided into eight thematic areas (emissions, energy, renewables, buildings, industry, transport, agriculture and vulnerability), and then compares data and good environmental practices adopted by Italian regions to guide them in the process of decarbonising their territories and achieving climate objectives.
Experiences, challenges and good practices from the territories were at the centre of the discussion among the participants.
Edo Ronchi, President of the Sustainable Development Foundation, said: ´In order to have a chance of containing the temperature increase between 1.5 and 2°C, thus avoiding a catastrophic precipitation of the climate crisis, it is necessary to speed up the commitment to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 2030, according to the converging indications of scientific and international institutions. Europe, which, with the measures currently in place, would not be on track with this target, is promoting a challenging package of measures (Fit for 55%) in order to catch up. Italy is also lagging behind: in non-TSE sectors (transport, buildings, agriculture, waste, small enterprises), from 2015 to 2022, emissions were only reduced by 4%: at this rate Italy would not reach its 2030 European target of 43.7% until 2050, 20 years late. In order to speed up the climate commitment in Italy, it is essential to also involve the regions more and in a better way.´

Industry leaders and experts as well as institutional representatives from Africa and Europe gathered at the KEY 2024 trade show in Rimini to address the crucial issues of sustainable energy development in Africa. The event, preparatory to the G7 Energy and Environment Summit in Turin (26th . 28th April), took place over two days and highlighted the urgent need to speed up the continent´s economic growth, foster job creation and ensure widespread access to services, especially universal access to energy.
Key topics included the strengthening of the national and regional grid, the role of solar photovoltaic and wind power systems, energy storage solutions, empowering the local workforce and policy frameworks for sustainable electrification. Participants engaged in constructive discussions on strategies to balance energy security and sustainability, the role of innovation in facilitating a clean and fair energy transition, and risk mitigation tools to accelerate investments in sustainable electrification projects.
An event that, as Roberto Vigotti, Secretary General of RES4Africa, said ´served as a key platform to promote trust, build public-private partnerships and promote meaningful progress towards sustainable electrification in Africa.´

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