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Innovation as an opportunity for growth and development, able to launch the country into the future, played a star role yesterday evening at KEY - The Energy Transition Expo. The Innovation Award and the Start-up Award decreed the most innovative projects at the exhibition: from energy transition to IT system efficiency, from photovoltaic panels to energy saving, from renewables to management systems for public administrations and applications regarding circular economy, solar energy and sustainable architecture. The winners of the Innovation Award, reserved for exhibiting companies and named after the late President of Italian Exhibition Group (IEG), Lorenzo Cagnoni, were: ROSSATO, ENFINERGY, ENERFIP, VALMONT, ERREDUE, FORTECH and CITY GREEN LIGHT. The awards were presented by the Minister for the Environment and Energy Security, Pichetto Fratin, Maurizio Renzo Ermeti president of IEG, Corrado Peraboni CEO of IEG, Alessandra Astolfi global exhibition director of IEG´s Green&Technology division, and Christian Previati, KEY´s exhibition manager.
The winners of the Start-up Award for innovative companies in the Innovation District, also named in memory of President Cagnoni, were: NEXTON Srl, SOTTILE SOLAR SRL and MACS SRL. By presenting the two awards and staging the dedicated area, KEY not only confirmed its role as a privileged showcase for start-ups and enterprises, but also as an opportunity to put young innovators in touch with the market.

Italy counts a total 37,655 companies operating in the renewable energy sector with an average size of 9.5 employees, compared to 33,257 in the previous year, showing an increase of 13.2%: 74.4% of these companies work in photovoltaics, followed by 37.1% in wind energy, 23.2% in bioenergy (i.e. biomass and biogas), 17.6% in hydroelectricity, 13.0% in geothermal and 8.1% in solar thermal, with quite a stable distribution over the years. This is what emerges from the 2nd report entitled Supply chains of the future. Production geography of renewables in Italy, promoted and conducted by Fondazione Symbola and Italian Exhibition Group in collaboration with the sector´s main trade associations and presented today at KEY, currently underway at Rimini Expo Centre. The topic was discussed by Ermete Realacci, president of Fondazione Symbola; Alessandra Astolfi, global exhibition director for Italian Exhibition Group´s Green&Technology division; Domenico Sturabotti, director of Fondazione Symbola and Gianni Silvestrini, president of KEY´s Technical-Scientific Committee. The Round Tables were attended by: Nicola Lanzetta, Director Italy for Enel Group; Agostino Re Rebaudengo, president of Elettricità Futura and CEO of Asja Ambiente; Letizia Magaldi, vice-president of Magaldy Green Energy; Stefania Ferrero, CMO and Innovation Ambassador at Comau; Matteo Demofonti, vice president of Product Strategy & Commercialization at Global Solar. Convert Italia; Stefano Lorenzi, CEO of 3SUN; Francesco Oppici, CPO and Co-founder of Energy Dome; Francesco Amati, General Manager of Vestas Italy and Turkey; Luca Cattedri, head of Commercial Offshore Wind at Saipem; Paolo Menotti, Managing director of Siemens Energy Italia.

´The green transition contributes to a more human-friendly future. To be precise, focusing on renewables and efficiency will make Italy grow, boost our economy and increase jobs. As written in the report on the production geography of renewables in Italy, promoted and conducted by Fondazione Symbola and Italian Exhibition Group,´ says Ermete Realacci, president of Fondazione Symbola. ´Italy excels in many segments of the new sustainable economy: our country is at its best when it crosses its ancient chromosomes, its identity with an all-Italian way of doing business: one that brings together innovation and tradition, social cohesion, new technologies and beauty, the ability to speak to the world without losing ties with territories and communities, production flexibility and competitiveness. There is much to be done but we can start from here to tackle not only our ancient evils, but the future and the challenges it poses. We can do this within the mission that Europe has given itself with the Next Generation EU, to respond to the crisis by holding together cohesion, green transition and digital.´

Today, at Italian Exhibition Group´s KEY event, currently underway at Rimini Expo Centre, is Municipalities´ day. The conference entitled ´The point on policies, tools and actions to make municipalities´ assets more efficient´, organised by KEY´s Technical Scientific Committee and ANCI (National Association of Italian Municipalities), moderated by Gian Marco Revel, Sustainable City Coordinator, Key´s Technical Scientific Committee and University Polytechnic of Marche, centred on the reduction of carbon emissions, energy transition and climate sustainability, focusing on consumption optimisation and energy efficiency of local government assets, as well as addressing the most recent challenges, including the realisation of the national energy strategy and the National Integrated Energy and Climate Plan (NIPEC).
The session, introduced by Roberta Frisoni, Rimini City Councillor for Urban Regeneration and Mobility Policies, and Veronica Nicotra, Secretary General of ANCI, offered the point of view of the technical structures represented by ENEA, GSE, RENAEL, RSE and the public administration in the cities of Monza, Parma and Rome. The conference also put forward the vision and needs of sustainability from the perspective of the mayors, involving the first citizens of the municipalities of Imola, Bellaria Igea Marina and Santa Fiora in a round table initiated by Giada Maio, Head of ANCI´s Energy, Air Quality, Sustainable Mobility and Local Public Transport Office.
The topics addressed included: energy efficiency, near-zero energy buildings (NZEB) in compliance with the new EU ´Green Homes´ Directive, new technologies and renewable energy sources, the integrated role of buildings and mobility, the ambitious goals of zero-emission cities and the combination of nature-based interventions and water saving, also taking into account the opportunities offered by the National Recovery and Resilience Plan (NRRP).

At KEY 2024, ongoing at Rimini Expo Centre, three important events on wind energy organised by ANEV, starting with Simplification to achieve the NIPEC objectives, which took place in the morning.
´The development of wind energy passes through a further simplification strategy that will determine, once and for all, unambiguous and clear criteria of the areas where plants cannot be built, leaving all the others as suitable for hosting renewable energy infrastructures. Having clarity and transparency would, in fact, lead to definite timescales and greater efficiency in procedures, which are necessary to achieve the national objectives,´ says Simone Togni, President of ANEV. ´The industrial development of our country could get a phenomenal boost from achieving the energy transition envisaged by the NIPEC. Indeed, the creation of a hundred GW sets in motion billions of euros of investment and several hundred thousand new jobs. Moreover, fulfilling this RES development plan would make our national wind energy industry even stronger in terms of the installation and exhibition of technology.´
The afternoon will feature the event The Wind Energy Industry for Energy Transition, while tomorrow morning will see the Summit on Offshore Wind Energy in Italy and Europe.

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