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Opening ceremony in the presence of Vice Minister for the Environment and Energy Security, Vannia Gava and President of the Emilia-Romagna Region, Stefano Bonaccini

Until Friday 24th March, the first stand-alone edition of Italian Exhibition Group´s energy transition reference event in Italy, Africa and the Mediterranean basin

Rimini, 22nd March 2023 . A premiere of great appeal for K.EY . The Energy Transition Expo.

The IEG (Italian Exhibition Group) event, a point of reference for energy transition in Italy, Africa and the Mediterranean basin, opened its doors today at Rimini Expo Centre for the first time in autonomous form, with a totally renewed look.

No longer held alongside Ecomondo, and with an unprecedented spring-time slot, the event (open until Friday 24th March) has already attracted significant numbers: around 600 brands in attendance, of which 28% from abroad, including the main market leaders in all sectors and a considerable expansion of the supply chains. The exhibition space has doubled compared to previous editions: 12 halls with six themed exhibition areas dedicated to each of the event´s six product sectors, confirming the vibrancy of the market.

The Opening Ceremony was attended by Corrado Peraboni, CEO of Italian Exhibition Group, Vannia Gava, Vice Minister for the Environment and Energy Security, Stefano Bonaccini, President of the Emilia-Romagna Region, Anna Montini, Rimini City Councillor for Ecological Transition, Blue Economy and Statistics, Roberto Luongo, Director of ITA . Italian Trade Agency, and Paolo Arrigoni, President of GSE.

´In our work,´ said Italian Exhibition Group CEO, Corrado Peraboni, ´alchemies are created, like the one that, twenty-five years ago, generated Ricicla, which went on to become Ecomondo, and which has accompanied the turning point of what is now called the circular economy. Today, the same alchemy created with companies and sector associations is accompanying K.EY, which separated from Ecomondo five months ago and now has three times as many companies in attendance. And it is no coincidence that it is developing in a territorial area that is well able to express itself in terms of trade shows and that aims to represent excellence and leadership.´
´Managing our industrial and production heritage and a particularly important tourism sector together is a great challenge,´ said Anna Montini, Rimini City Councillor for Ecological Transition, Blue Economy and Statistics. ´Such important trade show events in the field of sustainability, such as Ecomondo and Key Energy, which has now become K. EY - The Energy Transition Expo, stimulate our territory to be ever more innovative and avant-garde: there is a synergic exchange between the territory and the production, industry and tourism systems as well as all that these trade shows bring at a national, international and local level.´
´GSE,´ commented GSE President, Paolo Arrigoni, ´is increasingly aware that it is playing a central role in supporting the energy transition since its goal today is the development of renewable energies and energy efficiency, declined through the management of incentive mechanisms. We will work alongside the operators and we are also here in Rimini with this mission, to collaborate along a common path that will lead to decarbonisation.´
´The role of trade show organisations is absolutely central,´ said ITA Director, Roberto Luongo. ´They are not just a container and an opportunity to meet and make contact, but an instrument of our country´s industrial policy, which also means being an international projection of the most advanced and high-tech sectors, such as renewable energy and energy transition represented by this event and on which Italy is betting heavily. We have brought more than 350 foreign operators from over 25 countries to K.EY, which means giving companies the opportunity to make direct contacts and initiate collaborations with international research centres and laboratories.´
´We have signed a new pact for work in the Region,´ the President of Emilia-Romagna, Stefano Bonaccini, pointed out, ´to which we have added the word climate without setting the environment and work against each other. And the results have arrived: our region was the best in Europe in terms of added value in industrial production between 2015 and 2022, while in Italy we are the top region in terms of export per capita. But we are also the region of ´yes´ to the re-gasifier and to the offshore wind project off Ravenna, knowing full well that we need gas now, although the future will only be renewables.´
´The topic of energy transition, to which this very important trade show, born from the rib of Ecomondo, is dedicated, is fundamental, as is that of the circular economy,´ concluded Vannia Gava, Vice Minister for the Environment and Energy Security. ´Obviously everyone must follow their own road while still being in synergy to some extent. In order to achieve the ecological transition, we need to simplify authorisation procedures and shorten timeframes, but also, and above all, to create environmental culture by explaining to all the actors involved that this is a necessary path. It is an opportunity that we cannot miss if we want to safeguard the environment and the country´s economy. An opportunity that we must seize with the right timing, without exceeding the 2050 target.´.
The third edition of ForumTech, ITALIA SOLARE´s training and information event focused on the role of storage systems in the electricity market, the technological challenges for O&M in Italy, and end-of-life management of photovoltaic modules, is taking place in conjunction with K.EY.

Also taking place alongside K.EY is DPE The European Exhibition of Electrical Power Systems, the European event on the entire ecosystem of electrical generation, distribution, safety and automation, organised by Italian Exhibition Group in collaboration with the Distributed Generation Association - Engines, Components, Generators centralised into ANIMA Confindustria.

Italian Exhibition Group S.p.A., a joint stock company listed on Euronext Milan, a regulated market organised and managed by Borsa Italiana S.p.A., has, with its facilities in Rimini and Vicenza, achieved national leadership over the years in the organisation of trade shows and conferences. The development of activities abroad - also through joint-ventures with global or local organisers, in the United States, United Arab Emirates, China, Mexico, Germany, Singapore, Brazil, for example . now sees the company positioned among the top European operators in the sector.

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