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Institutional Greetings
Corrado Arturo Peraboni, Amministratore Delegato Italian Exhibition Group Spa

Gianni Silvestrini, KEY Technical Scientific Committee President 

Presentation by Alessandro Marangoni of the Althesys study.
"System governance, the key to transition."
A coordinated strategy for renewables, storage and grids to decarbonize Italy

The transformation underway in the energy sector, driven both by European climate-energy policies and by geopolitical, technological and market evolution, requires a different and more effective government of the Italian electricity system in its different articulations.
Italy must be able to meet energy demand in a sustainable, safe, efficient and economic way, through an adequate design that allows the development of renewable sources with an efficient market, lean authorization processes and an adequate infrastructure.
The growth of renewable generation must fit harmoniously into an electricity system that must meet the requirements of stability, safety and adequacy. The combination of large scale utility systems, distributed generation and models such as CERs, makes the design of the system even more complex and challenging.
The study aims to propose solutions to govern in a harmonised way the growth, in time and space, of renewables and infrastructure, networks and storage.
The analysis, therefore, develops a holistic approach, highlighting how Italy needs a coordinated development, in time and space, of support measures (such as DM FERx), connections and hosting capacity, flexibility and accumulation systems, for this purpose using in a harmonised way tools such as regulation, simplifications and environmental, areas suitable and acceleration, burden sharing.
The lack of coordination of the various components leads to significant costs and delays that make it difficult, or at least not efficient, both economically and environmentally, the achievement of decarbonisation targets.

SUMMIT Round Table of the Renewable Sources:
“The proposals of the Associations of renewables”

ANEV - Simone Togni
ANIE Rinnovabili - Alberto Pinori
Assoidroelettrica – Paolo Taglioli
CIB – Piero Gattoni
Coordinamento Free - Attilio Piattelli
Elettricità Futura – Agostino Re Rebaudengo
FederIdroelettrica – Paolo Picco
Italia Solare - Paolo Maria Rocco Viscontini

Conclusions: the point of view of the Ministry of Environment and Energy Security
Gilberto Pichetto Fratin, Ministry of Environment and Energy Security

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