Events Programme
  • Wednesday, February 28, 2024
  • 17:30 - 18:30
  • Memo
  • Energy Transition Arena A1 Pav.
  • Italian
  • organized by Federesco

Renewable Energy Communities are a key to success for the transition and can become a powerful tool to fight energy poverty which now affects 9% of the Italian population. This is the objective that has allowed Federesco to win a call for tenders by ICLEI Action Fund, together with the Google Foundation, for the SUN4U - Energy for All project.
The Federation's proposal envisages the creation of a digital platform to guide users in the creation of Renewable Energy Communities (RECs) in the city of Rome. The objective is to overcome the main difficulties in the development of this transition model: aggregation of members; sharing of the information needed to simulate the best CER configuration; and identification of the financial resources to build the system.
Alongside Federesco and the Department of Social and Health Policies of Roma Capitale there will also be ENEA and the CITERA research centre Sapienza University of Rome, which will bring their expertise and knowledge of the sector. A strong networking action with other similar initiatives - such as that carried out for the European Horizon 2020 project SUN4ALL solar for all - will strengthen the project by paving the way for replication at local level, in Italy and in Europe.

Session Chairmen
Claudio Ferrari, President of Federesco


5.30 p.m. Introduction and welcome
Claudio G. Ferrari, President of Federesco

5.30 p.m. Resources for the transition process
Arthur Hinsch, Officer ICLEI - Sustainable Resources, Climate and Resilience

5.35 p.m. Reference legislation
Prof. Antonio Pezzini, European Economic and Social Committee

5.50 p.m. The legal reference model
Alfonso Bonafede, Bonafede & Partners Law Firm

6.00 p.m. The role of research in transition processes
Spartaco Paris, CITERA Sapienza Research Centre Director

6.10 p.m. Supporting innovative tools, the SUN4U project
Patrick Maurelli, Federesco International Projects Manager

6.20 p.m. Data and mapping, the relevance for consumer and prosumer
Alessandro Chelli Co-founder of Apio

6.30 pm Conclusions