Events Programme
  • Friday, March 1, 2024
  • 11:45 - 12:30
  • Memo
  • Workshop Arena C1 Pav.
  • Italian
  • organized by R2M Solution S.r.l.

In the current context, energy flexibility has taken on a pivotal role for the sustainability of the entire energy system, characterized by a growing penetration of intermittent and poorly programmable renewable sources. To ensure the security and reliability of the electricity grid, it is necessary to have a certain flexibility of demand, so that variations in production from renewable sources can be compensated for and self-consumption can be maximised.
Starting from the basic concepts and innovative technologies available to implement energy flexibility, we will analyze the application contexts at the level of residential and tertiary buildings through the ongoing activities in the European projects iBECOME, Auto-DAN and COLLECTiEF and then move on to a large-scale analysis analyzing the industrial application context through the TRINEFELX and DENiM projects.

Session Chairs
Simone Buffa, R2M Solution
Marco Rocchetti, R2M Solution


Introduction & Welcome

The concepts of energy flexibility
Simone Buffa (R2M)

The residential and tertiary context (iBECOME, Auto-DAN and COLLECTiEF projects)
Simone Buffa (R2M), Celina Solari, Paolo Finocchi, Diego Rattazzi (RINA-C)

The industrial context (TERINEFELX and DENiM projects)
Marco Rocchetti (R2M)

Discussion and closing
Marco Rocchetti, Simone Buffa (R2M)