Events Programme
  • Thursday, February 29, 2024
  • 14:00 - 16:00
  • Memo
  • Neri 2 Room South Hall
  • Italian
  • organized by ANIE Federazione and Elettricità Futura

The Electricity Plan 2030 envisions reaching 84 percent renewables in the Italian electricity mix, doubling the current value. To do so requires the installation of at least 12 GW per year of new renewables, to reach a total of 143 GW of installed renewables by 2030, and 80 GWh of new large-scale storage systems.
Achieving the goal requires adequate and widespread development of grid infrastructure and storage, two enablers of the transition that will enable the efficient integration of new renewable power into the electricity system.
The event organized by ANIE Federazione and Elettricità Futura will bring together leading institutions and companies in the electricity sector to discuss the most urgent actions to develop electricity transmission and distribution networks and new storage capacity.


Fausta Chiesa, Journalist, Corriere della Sera

14:00  Introductory greetings
Filippo Girardi, President, ANIE Federazione
Agostino Re Rebaudengo, President, Elettricità Futura

14:10  Keynote presentation
Nicola Lanzetta, Italy Director, Enel Spa

14:20  Roundtable Discussion - Accumulation systems and grid infrastructure
Giulio Antonio Carone, Managing Director, Areti
Ivan Niosi, CEO Renewable Generation, Shell Energy Italia
Raffaello Teani, Member of the Board, ANIE Energia
Daniele Rosati, Storage Utility Scale Group Coordinator, ANIE
Fabrizio Tortora, Head of New Asset Development and Execution, Renantis
Fabio Zanellini, Energy Market & Regulations Manager, Neoen Renewables Italia

Roundtable will be attended by:
Michele Fina, Senator of the Republic
Luca Squeri, Member of the Chamber of Deputies

15:40 Conclusions by
Fabio Bulgarelli, Director of Regulatory Affairs, Terna
Giovanni Di Scipio, Chief of Legislative Office, Italian Ministry of Environment and Energy Security