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In a national and international scenario in which new political-economic factors are unfolding and in a context in which solar energy is gaining in popularity comes the three-day event dedicated to the solar energy industry and its supply chains, from 6 to 8 April 2022 at the Rimini Exhibition Centre, with exhibitor stands, conferences, meetings and debates. Solar Exhibition and Conference, simultaneously and in cooperation with FORUMTECH, the event organised by ITALIA SOLARE, is the qualified and professional response to the Solar Industry's need to capitalise on the growth opportunities offered by Government incentives introduced to support the decarbonisation of our economy. The main incentives featured include: • Superbonus 110%; • NRP; • legislative simplifications.

Solar Exhibition and Conference, simultaneously and in cooperation with FORUMTECH, the event organised by ITALIA SOLARE, is the qualified and professional response to the Solar Industry's need to capitalise on the growth opportunities offered by Government incentives introduced to support the decarbonisation of our economy.

The main incentives featured include:

  • Superbonus 110%;
  • NRP;
  • legislative simplifications.

Solar Exhibition and Conference 2022

SEC 2022 comes in a national and international context in which important new political and economic factors have unfolded:

  • the Next Generation EU, which has sanctioned an extraordinary turnaround in the European strategy by declaring the achievement of climate neutrality by 2050 is of particular importance and over 1 trillion EUR have been allocated to guide this transition;
  • Italy is the country that has received the most funding through the NRP, with 40% of its funds dedicated to the ecological transition and 20% to the conversion of renewable energy, mobility and green infrastructure. Never before has so much funding been earmarked for an economic and social industrial redevelopment of Europe and Italy;
  • the European Green Deal will regulate the bulk of future European actions, with specific policies and massive investments (an estimated one trillion EUR between public and private over the next 10 years);
  • the Inecp will be rewritten to bring it in line with the new EU 2030 targets; green electricity production will be increased from the current 55% (60-65%);
  • streamlining of bureaucracy and limitations to the development of big plants: the INECP and NRP that support the adoption of renewable energy sources have drafted new legislative practices to speed up the authorisations necessary for the construction of solar plants.


Solar energy is becoming increasingly popular in Italy, but more generally the production of energy from renewable sources is based on the ability to integrate - as much in solar as in wind - the energy efficiency of plants, the digitisation of networks and source storage systems - which will be critical to the success of all technologies related to the energy transition.

Reasons for attending the event: the added value of being part of the Solare Exhibition and Conference community

This is an innovative format, strongly focused on the needs of companies and solar communities, conceived to offer practical answers to an economic sector responsible for leading the energy transition process in our country, engaging in dialogue with the most significant international experiences.

There are numerous reasons for attending. First of all, Solar Exhibition and Conference offers the chance to:

  • find practical solutions to competitiveness and learn about the best technologies for energy communities;
  • meet the key players of the sector and develop new international commercial relations;
  • receive updates on products, services and accessories for the respective technology chains.


There are also many other reasons to attend if you are part of the solar energy industry and its supply chains.

First of all, attending the Solar Exhibition and Conference allows you to play an active role in achieving important energy transition and decarbonisation goals, and also to:

  • establish your position within the Solar community and gain a competitive advantage on the market;
  • support the key role of the Solar industry for the energy transition underway in Italy and internationally, and promote its potential in every field of application (residential, utility scale, energy communities, agrophotovoltaics, floating PV, e-mobility, etc.);
  • exploit networking opportunities and develop new business relations;
  • have the chance to attend training and refresher courses with leading experts in the sector;
  • present the Solar industry opportunities covered by IEG in the following sectors: Food & Beverage; Jewellery & Fashion; Tourism & Hospitality; Wellness; Sport and Leisure; Lifestyle & Innovation; Green & Technology.


Thematic focuses of the event

The event will focus on the following main topics:

  • systems and products;
  • technologies and infrastructure.


As far as the first focus, dedicated to systems and products, is concerned, the following points will be analysed:

  • solar panels
  • panel monitoring and maintenance systems
  • integrated systems for roofs and for the disposal of asbestos
  • accumulation systems
  • products, services and accessories


As regards the second focus, relating to technology and infrastructure, we see, for example:

  • inverters;
  • technologies for energy communities;
  • software for managing and monitoring consumption;
  • public and private infrastructure for recharging electric vehicles.


Several exhibitors from the sector are expected to participate:

  • manufacturers of technology (modules, inverters, batteries, e-mobility charging systems, fastening systems, trackers, monitoring systems, components);
  • specialised distributors;
  • solar-related service providers (O&M, financial services, utilities, energy traders, E.S.Co., other related services).

Solar Exhibition and Conference will be held in the South Hall, with an innovative exhibition format. 

For more info on the layout:


Dates, programme and events

Solar Exhibition and Conference will be held from 6 to 8 April 2022 at the Rimini Exhibition Centre, from 9:00 a.m. until 6:00 p.m.

The event includes meetings to provide information and offer networking opportunities aimed at mitigating the climate crisis through solar photovoltaic technologies and their supply chain.

The programme includes a series of conferences and workshops on the following subjects, organised by the advisory board consisting of IEG and Italia Solare that will involve the participating companies:

  • Energy communities
  • Agrophotovoltaics
  • Energy trading
  • Superbonus for hotel constructions
  • Asset management
  • Authorisation procedures and landscaping restrictions
  • E-mobility
  • Technological integration (PV floating on hydroelectric basins, green hydrogen)
  • The energy transition in the manufacturing districts of Italian excellence
  • NRP- an analysis of the projects presented by Italy involving PV could be carried out by March


The second edition of Forumtech, the informative and training event of Italia Solare, will be held simultaneously and in cooperation with Solar Exhibition and Conference, scheduled to take place on 6 and 7 April 2022.

The main entrance for SEC is the SOUTH entrance. The exhibition area is located in the South Hall. Ticketing is exclusively online and the ticket is free after registering here.

For further information call +39 0412719009 (Monday to Friday from 9:00 a.m. until 7:00 p.m.) or write to


The ITALIA SOLARE association 

ITALIA SOLARE is a social promotion association that aims to support protection of the environment and human health thanks to smart and sustainable production, storage, management and distribution of energy through distributed generation from renewable sources, focusing particularly on photovoltaics.

The association also intends to promote their integration with other technologies such as smart grids, electric mobility and energy efficiency technologies to increase the energy performance of buildings.

Thanks to its Board of Directors and work teams, ITALIA SOLARE is able to rely on high-level expertise and know-how (technical, legislative and market) that allow the association to contribute to institutional and technical energy policy discussion tables.

Key Energy: towards a carbon-neutral economy

Key Energy is an international showcase for technologies, services and integrated solutions that promote and accelerate the transition towards a carbon-neutral economy, the main aim of the Green New Deal, launched before the health emergency spread in the European Union. This energy transition continues to be a central goal of the EU's post-pandemic recovery plan. Of the 209 billion made available by the Next Generation EU, around 40% will be allocated to the Green Economy and the digitisation of the production system.

From renewable sources, to storage, the efficient management of energy, right down to the use of digital technologies and future mobility: Key Energy is a comprehensive showcase of technologies and services for the decarbonisation of the economy.

Key Energy is a platform that encourages discussion between key players and stakeholders in the market, an opportunity for dialogue between the economic sectors and a chance for all energy professionals to train and update their knowledge.

The Technical Scientific Commitee is made up of institutions, industry associations, technical-scientific associations, organisations and foundations. The 2021 conference programme focused on technological innovations, financial models and organisational solutions able to facilitate Italy as it works towards the ambitious 2030 European targets. Ample space was given to the analysis of the challenges and opportunities for Italian companies on international markets, while international investors had the chance to better understand the Italian market.

The Key Energy sectors are:

  • WIND. Wind turbines for on- and off-shore, floating wind technology, components, energy producers, solutions for revamping and re-powering the existing park, O&M, Asset and finance, Developers. In collaboration with ANEV. Technologies, services and best practices for the energy transition;
  • SOLAR & STORAGE. Photovoltaic, inverters, thermodynamic solar, components, solutions for O&M&P (revamping and re-powering), energy storage technologies, smart grids and energy communities, 110% bonus;
  • ENERGY EFFICIENCY. Cogeneration, trigeneration, micro-cogeneration, geothermal and heat pumps, digitalisation and energy management systems, ESCO, EPC contractors, energy trading.
  • SUSTAINABLE CITIES: digital, electric and circular. Systems and technologies for digitisation, smart cities, electric and integrated mobility, efficient lighting, security, risk management, IoT, smart building, utilities;
  • OTHER RENEWABLES. Hydrogen, Hydroelectric, Thermal Solar.


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