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K.EY, an international, cultural, scientific and technical point of reference for renewable energy and smart cities, is becoming a real community catalyst.

Its mission is to become a platform to support, enhance and keep the community engaged throughout the year, a community that sees November’s show as the place to be for the energy market. A place that is no longer only physical but also digital, where the latest news from a constantly evolving market can be shared, future scenarios identified, and solutions prepared to address them, with expert support to analyse projects and best practices.

Key Energy shares this journey with the sector’s most representative players, who become true ambassadors: K.EY Ambassadors. In 2022, our Energy Transition Ambassador is Falck Renewables.



The Falck Renewables Group is a producer and supplier of clean energy.
It develops, designs, builds and operates renewable energy power plants, which have an installed capacity of 1,420 MW in the UK, Italy, USA, Spain, France, Norway and Sweden, generated from wind, solar, WtE and biomass sources.
It also provides highly specialised energy management services along the entire value chain. It contributes to lasting sustainable development by creating shared value with its stakeholders and making them part of the energy transition.


Falck Renewables is constantly evolving through continuous technological research and the ability to foresee changes and anticipate the needs of its stakeholders. It is able to generate shared growth through enabling the energy transition and creating shared value. Alongside growth with its stakeholders, it is generating a resilient business, growing and diversifying skills, enabling decarbonisation and sustainable development.


For Falck Renewables, sustainability is not just about producing and enabling sustainable energy use, above all it means creating shared value for all its stakeholders, safeguarding the environment in which it operates. It permeates every company decision and process: it is the space in which its strategic directions and activities are mapped out and represents an identifying factor in how its people act. Sustainability is part of the group's DNA, together with the ability to evolve and innovate. For this reason, it has adopted a distinctive business model that combines economic sustainability with the generation of social and environmental value, while constantly striving to take advantage of innovations in the sector. Falck Renewables acts as an enabler, which for the company means the ability to generate – and transmit – the power to meet its targets and those of its stakeholders. It is ready to make a tangible contribution to global and local sustainable development, based on solid and transparent industrial, ethical and social foundations.


Exhibition Manager

Christian Previati

Sales Office

Claudia Costella