KEY Events

Gianni Silvestrini
Chairman Scientific Committee K.EY

Renewables pick up the pace both in Italy and internationally.
In 2022, electricity from sun and wind in the European Union surpassed that generated by gas for the first time, and in Italy, the race to reach the 2030 target of 72% is finally on.

Last year, photovoltaics more than tripled their installed capacity (2.5 GW), and in addition, 0.5 GW was generated by wind. 2023 will see strong growth in renewables and storage, while the first green hydrogen production projects will be launched, the installation of electric car charging stations will be extended, and the redevelopment of buildings will be consolidated with a focus on the role of cities in reducing emissions.

The topics that will be addressed in the event programme include the development of renewable energy communities, the first results in agrivoltaics, wind, solar and photovoltaic innovations, the outlook for off-shore farms and large-scale and long-term storage, issues regarding efficiency in construction and industry, the various applications of hydrogen and innovative solutions for electric mobility and recharging infrastructure.

KEY is therefore an important occasion for hundreds of exhibitors of various technologies and a great opportunity to attend the dozens of conferences and events that have been organised, with a focus on the green transition in Mediterranean countries.

Thanks to the expertise of the Technical Scientific Committee, K.EY is able to monitor high-value strategic projects dedicated to sustainability and the ecological transition, such as the Africa Green Growth Forum, in partnership with MAECI, the Italian Trade Agency, Res4Africa, Business Council for Africa and IRENA.