K.EY Events
  • Wednesday, March 22, 2023
  • 10:00 - 12:00
  • Memo
  • Energy Transition Arena B5 Pav.
  • Italian
  • English

Organized by: CNR - ISAC

The "shallow geothermal energy also called low enthalpy", uses the energy present in the subsoil up to about 100m deep from where it is possible to extract heat "constantly" (unlike all other sources) during the winter season and to give it up during the summer season.
This workshop deals with modern technologies that allow you to transform the thermal energy present in the ground into heat that can be used for other purposes (for example heating or cooling a house) resulting in absolute the "cleanest" form of alternative and renewable energy, available anywhere and installable in any type of land. The most recent innovative methodologies have been studied and developed in recent European Projects, in particular GEO4CIVHIC- http://www.geo4civhic.eu  and Cheap-GSHPs- http://cheap-gshp.eu/ whose results are the subject of the Workshop.

Section Chair
Adriana Bernardi, Research Director – National Research Council - ISAC


Introduction and welcome
Adriana Bernardi, CNR ISAC -Italy  

The geothermal in Europe (EGEC-ETIP)
Adele Manzella, CNR

Low enthalpy geothermal and recent European projects. Innovations and progress: Cheap-GSHPs and GEO4CIVHIC
Adriana Bernardi, CNR ISAC - Italy    

Solutions to support the preliminary assessment of the technical-economic feasibility of closed-loop geothermal systems
Antonio Galgaro, Università di Padova/University of Padova- Italy

Innovative coaxial heat exchangers”. Some examples of application
Luc Pockelé & Giulia Mezzasalma, RED srl  - Italy    

An innovative technology for the installation of geothermal probes
Arno Romanowski, Terra-infrastructure GMBH –Germany

Environmental considerations of innovative shallow geothermal technologies       
Riccardo Pasquali, GEOSERV srl –Ireland

Technique and plant engineering for restructuring using geothermal (pros/cons and solutions)
Michele De Carli, University of Padova – Italy

Development of Innovative Ground-Source Heat Pumps in the context of European projects
Fabio Poletto, Hiref - Italy 

Is it possible to apply geothermal to historic buildings? Example of best practice
Francesca Bampa, UNESCO

Discussion and Closure
Adriana Bernardi, CNR ISAC -Italy