K.EY Events
  • Thursday, March 23, 2023
  • 11:00 - 13:00
  • Memo
  • Agorà Efficiency D5 Pav.
  • Italian

Organized by: K.EY with Kyoto Club and SITdA

The European Commission has chosen 100 cities from all 27 member states, as well as 12 cities from countries associated with Horizon Europe, the EU's research and innovation program (2021-2027), to participate in the "cities mission" aimed at creating smart and climate-neutral cities by 2030. These selected cities will act as demonstration and innovation hubs, working to enable all European cities to become climate neutral by 2050. In order to highlight innovative ideas and practices for achieving zero emissions in cities, particularly related to building issues, a Round Table has been organized with Italian cities participating in the "cities mission". The focus will be on the urgent need to find solutions and adopt mechanisms and plans to eliminate the consumption of fossil fuels. The authors of the "Energy Transition" Dossier from TECHNE' Journal of Technology for Architecture and Environment will also be involved in introducing the topic and challenge.


11:00  Opening
Gianni Silvestrini, Kyoto Club Scientific Director

Roberto Pagani, Turin Polytechnic University

11:05 What energy transition for what future?
Presentation of the TECHNE' Journal Dossier dedicated to the Energy Transition

11:05  Introduction
Elena Germana Mussinelli, Milan Polytechnic University, Editor in Chief TECHNE' Journal of SITdA
Francesca Thiebat, Turin Polytechnic University, Editorial Board TECHNE’ Journal

11:15 Speech by Authors of the “Energy Transition” Dossier
Federico Butera, Professor Emeritus of the Milan Polytechnic University

11:30 The building challenge for the Italian cities of the "Climate-Neutral and Smart Cities" plan

Round Table on the priorities to achieve the goal of buildings that "repudiates" fossil energy, with the delegates of the Italian cities selected by the European Commission to anticipate the EU plan to 2030.
Anna Lisa Boni, Councilor - Municipality of Bologna
Elena Grandi, Councilor - Municipality of Milan 
Laura Salvatore, Head of Environment and Land Department - Municipality of Padua
Valerio Barberis, Councilor - Municipality of Prato
Edoardo Zanchini, Climate Office Director - Municipality of Rome
Gaetano Noè, Environmental Department Director - Municipality of Turin

12:30 Q&A 5 questions for 5 answers
Questions by public operator, entrepreneur, professional, researcher, citizen

13:00 Closing remarks